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Interior Painting

Your interior paint makes your home warm and welcoming. Impress guests with the perfect color palette, unbelievably clean lines, and the care necessary to make all the details perfect. 

Why Paint Your Home’s Interior?

A fresh coat of paint just looks darn good. Beyond that, there are several reasons why it may be time to apply a new coat. Often, folks will come to us if they want to give their home a new look. Perhaps you’re purchasing a new home, and you simply don’t like the colors of the previous homeowner’s choosing. Or, maybe you want to make certain aspects of your home pop with accent walls.

How We Perform Your Interior Painting Job

First things first, we’ll meet with you to discuss your desires. We’ll work with you to determine a color palette for your walls, if you’d like, and then we’ll work around your schedule to paint your home while we aren’t in the way. When it’s time to paint, we’ll begin by protecting your furniture, flooring, and other components of your home with drop cloths, tape, and plastic, as necessary. Then, we’ll prep your walls for painting (which may be necessary if you have damaged walls, or walls that had wallpaper on them). Next, we tape off corners to prepare for painting. Then we prime, paint, remove tape, and clean up, ensuring that your home is just as you’d left it (except better since there’s a fresh coat of paint). We’ll make sure that you’re completely satisfied with our work, and if you have any changes in mind, we’ll make sure that you’re completely satisfied.

Why Choose River City Painting & Remodeling

We respect your home. We meet your demands. We exceed your desires. With River City Painting, you’re hiring a crew of experts—a crew of professionals. We take painting seriously, especially when we’re invited into your home to provide interior painting. We do our utmost to be safe yet efficient, and we’ll make sure that every square inch of your home is protected from stray paint. Not a drop on a countertop, nor a smudge on a cabinet. We bring more than 15 years of experience to the table, and as a locally owned and operated business, we take great pride in producing the best painting results that you can find in Kansas. If you live here in Wichita or surrounding areas please give us a call or fill out our online form. We look forward to working with you!



Even passersby will notice the pristine exterior of your home. We paint custom built homes, as well as preparing and painting homes that simply need a fresh coat of paint.

Why Paint Your Home’s Exterior?

Whether you’re placing your home on the market and you’d like to boost its curb appeal, or you simply want to forget the paint color that’s been on your home since the 70’s, we’re here to paint your home’s siding and trim. You may also have paint that’s chipping, paint that’s discolored by weathering and mold, or siding that has been damaged (did we mention that we provide siding repair too?). Whatever the reason for your paint job, we’re the crew to call for exterior painting here in Wichita & surrounding areas.

How We Perform an Exterior Painting Job

To start, we’ll talk with you to determine the perfect paint colors for your home’s exterior and trim. Once we understand your desires and you’ve settled on a color palette, we’ll determine a schedule that works for you—we don’t want to be in the way as we paint. Next, we’ll get started! We’ll tape off windows and corners, place drop cloths, place our ladders, and get to work with brush, sprayer, and rollers. Then, once every surface is painted and you’re satisfied with the work, we’ll clean up and clear out, leaving your property pristine.

When It Comes to Your Trim

While every surface of your home counts, it’s the trim of your home that makes those big masses of color pop. We take extra care around corners to ensure that your trim is as sharp and defined as possible. Once again, we’ll work with you to determine the perfect color to accent your home, and then we’ll get to work with brush and paint.

Trust River City Painting

Here at River City Painting, we bring experience to the table. Since 2005 we’ve been painting home exteriors for families here in Kansas. We’re proud to call Kansas our home, and we’re ecstatic to make homes glow here in Wichita & surrounding areas. We’re insured and warrantied, and we back our work with a two-year, comprehensive warranty. You’re assured to be satisfied with painting from River City Painting. Get started with a free estimate, or contact us if you have any questions!

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