Interior Painting:

This includes painting walls, ceilings, trim, doors, and other interior surfaces of homes, apartments, offices, and commercial buildings.

Exterior Painting:

Offer painting services for the exterior of buildings, including siding, trim, doors, windows, decks, fences, and other outdoor surfaces.

Surface Preparation:

Provide surface preparation services such as cleaning, sanding, priming, and repairing damaged areas before painting.

Color Consultation:

We offer a free color consultation service to help customers choose the right paint colors for their spaces. This could involve providing paint samples, swatches, and recommendations based on the customer's preferences and the style of the space. Your estimator will be able to explain this further.

Cabinet Refinishing:

Provide services to refinish and repaint kitchen cabinets, bathroom cabinets, and other cabinetry to give them a fresh, updated look.

Wallpaper Removal:

Offer wallpaper removal services for customers who want to update their walls with paint or other finishes.

Pressure Washing:

Offer pressure washing services to clean exterior surfaces such as siding, decks, driveways, and sidewalks before painting or to maintain their appearance.

Deck and Fence Staining:

Provide staining and sealing services for wooden decks, fences, and other outdoor structures to protect them from the elements and enhance their appearance.

Commercial Painting:

Offer painting services for commercial properties such as offices, retail stores, restaurants, schools, churches, and other businesses.

Residential Repainting:

Provide repainting services for existing homes and buildings to refresh their appearance or update their color scheme.

New Construction Painting:

Partner with home builders and contractors to provide painting services for new construction projects, including new homes, apartments, and commercial buildings.

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